a magic electrifier is an item that allows players to add charges to items that use charges. This requires first destroying other items to accumulate enough "energy" to restore a charge.

Spectorial was a sorcerer who grew tired of having to return to his tower and spend months recharging his favorite wand. The orb he constructed can be focused on an item to break it down into energy, destroying the targeted object. This works best with higher quality and enchanted items. Once the orb has enough power, it can then target the item needing to be recharged and infuse it with the stolen energy.

Specifically, the electrifier's destroy property is first used to target the item to destroy. This can be done multiple times, with each destroyed item's base value (in gold pieces) adding to the electrifier's stored energy. (The exact amount of stored energy is hidden from players, though.) After accumulating energy, the charge property is used on the item to be recharged; for every 1000 gold pieces of stored energy, one charge is added to the item, then the electrifier's storage is set to zero (losing any stored energy in excess of a multiple of 1000).


  • The value of items destroyed is stored on the user, so this is lost upon starting a new module. In addition, if a character has multiple items with these powers, all will utilize the same stored value.
  • Plot items cannot be destroyed to store up charges.
  • Trying to charge an item that does not use charges will not erase the stored energy of the electrifier, nor will trying to charge an item when less than 1000 gold pieces worth of items had been destroyed so far.

Custom content notes Edit

  • script: X0_S3_Charger

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