Lyrics of the lich is a cast spell item property that allows bards to convert a use of their bard song into a casting of horrid wilting at caster level 15, targeted at the bard's feet.

The standard item with this property is called lich lyrics.

Possibly one of the strangest stories in Thayvian history is that of Rachzin Pala, the lich who decided to become a bard. The music he composed was of such mournful effect that he became a success for playing at funerals for the rich and powerful. His masterpiece was a work that actually created a similar spell effect to horrid wilting and was known to actually kill the audience.

Notes Edit

  • This item property can be used while silenced (even though bard song cannot).

Custom content notes Edit

  • script: x0_s3_lyriclich
  • The lich lyrics item is found in the "tutorial" portion of the item palette.

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