Name: Loviatar
Divine rank: lesser deity
Title(s): Maiden of Pain, the Willing Whip, Patroness of Torturers
Symbol: nine-tailed barbed scourge
Home Plane:
Alignment: lawful evil
Portfolio: pain, hurt, agony, torment, suffering, torture
Worshiper alignments: LE, NE, CE
Cleric alignments: LE, NE, CE
Domains: evil, law, retribution, strength, suffering
Favored weapon: Painbringer (scourge)

  • Candle Rites (12 Hammer)
  • Candle Rites (12 Alturiak)
  • Candle Rites (12 Ches)
  • Rite of Pain and Purity (19 Ches)
  • Candle Rites (12 Tarsakh)
  • Candle Rites (12 Mirtul)
  • Candle Rites (12 Kythorn)
  • Rite of Pain and Purity (20 Kythorn)
  • Candle Rites (12 Flamerule)
  • Candle Rites (12 Eleasias)
  • Candle Rites (12 Eleint)
  • Rite of Pain and Purity (21 Eleint)
  • Candle Rites (12 Marpenoth)
  • Candle Rites (12 Uktar)
  • Candle Rites (12 Nightal)
  • Rite of Pain and Purity (20 Nightal)

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