Ife layon

Type of feat: class
Prerequisite: paladin 1, champion of Torm 1

Specifics: With this feat, characters can heal damage equal to their class level multiplied by their charisma modifier.

Use: selected. When used against undead creatures, it is treated as a touch attack spell that delivers damage instead of healing.

Notes Edit

  • This ability is usable once per day.
  • Paladin and champion of Torm levels stack for this feat; "class level" means the sum of paladin and champion levels.
  • The minimum amount of healing (or damage) delivered is 1, even if the character has a negative charisma modifier.
  • For this ability, "undead creatures" includes both members of the undead racial type and creatures with levels in the undead monster class.
  • This ability inflicts divine damage when used against undead creatures.
  • On a touch attack critical hit twice the normal damage is inflicted.

Custom content notes Edit

  • impact script: NW_S2_LayOnHand

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