Keyword Conversation System Edit

Krebbs has written an awsome keyword based NPC system (and it working on version 1.2)


Using this system, you can actualy 'talk' to NPC's and get them to repond, do things, etc. For instance, if you add the following to the kcs_onspawn script:

SetKeyword(OBJECT_SELF, "buy**", "", 0,

and then have this as the script (kcs_buyitem):

// This script is used with Keyword Conversation System
// It will match a string (such as buy**) and look for a
// substring match. If the correct one is found, it will
// create the object on the PC and remove some gold
// v1.0 Sept 20th -- MegaPlex
void main()
  object oPC = GetLocalObject(OBJECT_SELF, "KCS_PCSPEAKER");
  string tName = GetMatchedSubstring(1);
  string sToGive = "";
  int iCost = 0;
  if (tName == "beer")
    sToGive = "nw_it_mpotion021";
    iCost = 5;
  else if (tName == "ale")
    sToGive = "nw_it_mpotion022";
    iCost = 10;
  if (iCost > 0)
    TakeGoldFromCreature(iCost, oPC);
    CreateItemOnObject(sToGive, oPC, 1);

You can just say "buy beer" to the barmaid....

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