This article is about the item property; for the spell, see Keen edge.

The keen item property increases the critical threat range of a weapon by a range equal to the item's base threat range. In the absence of other modifications to the threat range, this doubles the range. (Other modifications to the range can come from the improved critical and ki critical feats.) Modifications to the threat range stack additively, as modifications do not change the base threat range. For example, combining improved critical with a keen weapon will triple — not quadruple — the threat range.

Base range Keen range
20 19-20
19-20 17-20
18-20 15-20

In pen and paper, the name of this item property depends on the damage type of the weapon (as "keen" implies some sort of weapon edge). In Neverwinter Nights, however, the name is independent of the damage type. In particular, the keen property can be applied to any melee weapon; this is not to be confused with the similarly named spell (keen edge), which only affects melee weapons that inflict slashing damage.

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