The JumpToLocation() NWScript command causes the caller – who must be a living creature – to instantly move (teleport) to the indicated location. This occurs immediately, ignoring the action queue. In order to cause a creature other than the caller to move, this command must be assigned via AssignCommand().

If the destination is occupied by a creature or is not walkable, then the caller will jump as close as possible to the indicated target.

Since this command interrupts the action queue, it is often a good idea to call ClearAllActions() first.

Definition Edit

void JumpToLocation (location lDestination)

location lDestination 
The location to which to jump.

If the parameter is not a valid location, the command has no effect.

If the destination is in the same area as the caller, associates of the caller will not automatically follow. In order to avoid separating a master from its associates in this case, each associate must be found (see GetAssociate()) and individually jumped.

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