Journeys of the Sword Coast or Jotsc is hardcore Neverwinter Nights module based on the Forgotten Realms region the Sword Coast. We are currently still in development. We will be done about halfway through April. This is simply to build up a player base.


  • One of the main features will be Perma death. When you die your body is dropped on the floor ready for someone to raise you or loot your items. Someone can destroy your body if they are feeling nasty and kill you forever called perm killing. This will happen automaticly after 3 days and nothing has happened to your body. While you are dead you will be transported to the fugue plane where you shall remain till someone raises you.
  • Bleeding
  • Hardcore DMing - Which means no dm kills, they must use monsters to kill you. No taking away gold using tools, they must pickpocket you.
  • A Paticulary cold or hot area may mean you have to take a save. You are damaged if you do not.
  • Guard race system - If you are a half-orc and not wearing a helmet, you will be challenged. Also, drow not wearing gloves or helmets will be attacked on sight.

Of course other features shall be added in future. Here is the forum for those intrested in playing or helping:

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