This article covers the layout of the file; for the default contents, see itempropdef.2da (contents).

The itempropdef.2da file is the .2da file that defines the types of item properties that are available in the game. Many of the rows in this file have hardcoded effects, so the customization possibilities (for those rows) may be limited.

Columns of itempropdef.2da
Name Description
ID (no actual name) Row numbers for the benefit of human readers. The game engine ignores the value in this field, instead generating sequential row numbers as the file is read. It is good practice to keep the entries in this field sequentially numbered to avoid confusion.
Name A StringRef for the name of the item property type corresponding to this row, as displayed in the Toolset.
Label A descriptive name identifying this row. This is for the reference of the human reader and is ignored by the game.
SubTypeResRef The name of the .2da file (without the extension) defining the possible subtypes of an item property corresponding to this row. Most of these will begin with "IPRP_", but a few other .2da files are sometimes used. (One example of a subtype is the particular ability for an item property that grants an ability bonus; these are selected in the Toolset before adding a property to an item.)
Cost This value is added to the total cost of the item.
CostTableResRef An index into iprp_costtable.2da, indicating which of the various cost tables is to be used with the "cost parameter" of item properties corresponding to this row. (Several of the cost tables define the amount of a bonus granted by an item property, but there are other possibilities.)
Param1ResRef An index into iprp_paramtable.2da, indicating what meaning should be given to the "parameter 1 value" of item properties corresponding to this row. (This is often used for properties that effectively need two subtypes, such as a damage bonus versus an alignment, which needs both an alignment subtype and a damage type parameter.)
GameStrRef A StringRef for the name of the item property type corresponding to this row, as displayed in the game when an item is examined.
Description A StringRef for the description of the item property type corresponding to this row.

The .2da file named in the "SubTypeResRef" column must have a "Name" column that contains a StringRef for the name of the subtype, and should have a "Label" column for the reference of human readers. Whether or not other columns are required depends on the particular item property type (row in itempropdef.2da).

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