Rough map of Styss

The Isles of Styss (IoS) is a social(18+)/roleplay/action D&D-based persistent world. It is an adult server, where graphic sexual or violent content may occur. Minors are not permitted to play on the Isles of Styss.

The setting is a mixture of Planescape and Forgotten Realms with a dash of inspiration from other campaigns. The story takes place in the chaotic and ever-changing Outlands, and this is probably why almost any creature imaginable can be found there, including pure-blooded demons, fallen angels, and crawling things from the Beastlands, to name a few.

Connection information
Direct connect:
Server name: Isles of Styss
Module name: Isles of Styss
Password required: No
Required hakpaks: CEP & [haks]
Required game version: 1.69
Player information
GameSpy category: Social (18+)
Primary game type(s): Social, PvP, Roleplay
Treasure/magic level: High
Levels played: 5-40
Maximum players: 70
Vault type: server vault
Enforce legal characters: No
Item level restrictions: No
Player vs. player: party PvP
Server information
Server admin/owner: NecromanticWark
DM timezone(s): Euro/U.S.
Web site:

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