This is a listing of the contents of iprp_paramtable.2da, converted to a table format. For descriptions of the columns and usage of this file, refer to iprp_paramtable.2da.

Contents of iprp_paramtable.2da
(ID) Name Lable TableResRef
1 967 Duration IPRP_ONHITDUR
2 143 Abilities IPRP_ABILITIES
3 1503 AlignmentGroup IPRP_ALIGNGRP
4 142 Alignment IPRP_ALIGNMENT
5 1504 RacialType racialtypes
6 1006 Disease disease
7 968 Amount IPRP_AMOUNT
8 1005 PoisonType poison
9 4821 Color IPRP_COLOR
10 968 Amount IPRP_POISON
11 968 Weight IPRP_WEIGHTINC

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