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Type of feat: combat (general feat) (epic)
Prerequisite: 21st level, intelligence 13+, dexterity 23+, dodge, expertise, mobility, spring attack, whirlwind attack

Specifics: The character performs a full attack action and makes one melee attack at full base attack bonus against all opponents they threaten (10 feet).

Use: selected

Notes Edit

  • Requires Hordes of the Underdark.
  • A character performing an improved whirlwind attack cannot be flanked.
  • It is not possible to execute a sneak attack or a death attack when using this feat.
  • Some multiplayer servers disable this feat because some builders believe it contributes to lag.

Previous versions Edit

  • Prior to version 1.69, the attacks were made not made with the full base attack bonus; each successive attack had a cumulative -5 modifier to the attack bonus.

Custom content notes Edit

  • script: x2_s2_whirl

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