Impiltur - The Forgotten Kingdom is a roleplay focused, persistent world set in the northern kingdom of Impiltur in the world of Faerûn of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Great care has been taken to present an authentic game setting that provides the players with an engaging and immersive stage in which to develop their characters. Progress in Impiltur is relatively slow as the creators of this world believe in the development of a character's personality and storyline through interaction with the game world and other characters. Though experience is to be found through combat, greater rewards will be found in the sincere portrayal of one's character. One will also find that Impiltur is a low magic arena in which powerful weapons and items are extremely rare.

Impiltur - The Forgotten Kingdom is a hak pak-free server open to any who enjoy good roleplay and the opportunity to share in the development of the game world through their character's involvement. The server currently uses a modified version of the Hardcore Ruleset (HCR) v3.2.

The server features

  • 300+ custom tailored areas to explore,
  • scripted quests for low-level PCs,
  • modified 3E crafting by Vulcano,
  • seamless transitions,
  • persistent banking and item storage,
  • fishing and skinning skills,
  • usable herbs and flora,
  • on-going DM-controlled plotlines,
  • full Faerûnian deity pantheon system,
  • languages,
  • persistent journals,
  • persistent mapping,
  • persistent inns, and
  • changes influenced by PCs through roleplay.

Connection information
Direct connect:
Server name: Forgotten Realms
Module name: Impiltur - The Forgotten Kingdom
Password required:
Required hakpaks: none
Required game version: 1.69
Player information
GameSpy category: Roleplay
Primary game type(s): roleplaying
Treasure/magic level: low
Levels played: 1-40
Maximum players: 20
Vault type: server vault
Enforce legal characters: yes
Item level restrictions: yes
Player vs. player: Limited with DM permission and supervision
Server information
Server admin/owner: Tellenger
Server OS: Windows 7
DM timezone(s): Central (US)
Primary language: English
Web site: Impiltur forums

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