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The holy avenger (HA) weapon property includes the following bonuses:

Only a paladin can gain the benefit of this property on a weapon. If the character has no paladin levels, this counts as a +2 enchantment.


  • A use magic device (UMD) score that is high enough to allow emulation of a specific alignment for a given weapon will allow a character to gain the full benefits of a holy avenger property on that item (as if she were a paladin). This requirement stands regardless of the actual alignment of the character (even those of a paladin's alignment, lawful good). The score required for the standard holy avenger item (a longsword with the holy avenger property and a +2 enhancement bonus) is 25, while the score required for a weapon with no properties other than holy avenger is 15.
  • Dispelling:
    • The chance of triggering the dispel effect is 50%, not 25%.
    • The dispel check's caster level is 10.
    • The dispel used by this weapon is powerful in that it can dispel petrification and extraordinary effects (e.g. aura of fear, turn undead), which cannot be dispelled by spells. It does not, however, dispel supernatural effects.
    • The dispel effect will not trigger if no physical damage is inflicted by a hit. For example, if someone had epic warding up and was hit by a holy avenger for 50 points of damage or less (before damage reduction), the dispel effect will not trigger.
    • Characters who are not paladins and do not have sufficient UMD skill still benefit from the dispel on-hit effect.
  • The fourth level paladin spell holy sword temporarily grants a weapon the holy avenger property.

Previous versions Edit

  • Prior to version 1.69, the wielder's character level was used in the dispel check. Since this is uncapped, this was the most powerful form of dispelling in the game, on par with Mordenkainen's disjunction.

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