Hilltop is one of many small villages that dot the most remote regions of the northern wildlands of Faerûn known as the Silver Marches. Few would choose so cold and inhospitable a land to make their home — only those who seek a new life or to forget their past.

This village is notable as the place where Drogan Droganson chose to settle after a lifetime of adventure, resulting in the village being the starting location of the Shadows of Undrentide campaign.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Shadows of Undrentide Chapter 1 Edit

The Shadows of Undrentide campaign starts with an attack on Hilltop by kobolds, who ransack the village on their way to their true objective — four artifacts entrusted to the safekeeping of Drogan. Consequentially, the first tasks for the player involve repairing some of the damage resulting from the attack. This includes finding a cure for Drogan (who was poisoned by the kobolds), rescuing the inn's cook (Mara, who is being held captive by some kobolds), and silencing Piper (a self-proclaimed prophet who sees the kobold attack as a sign). In addition, there is a Red Wizard from Thay (Szaren) seeking to open a enclave in the village.

Hilltop is also the location of most of the merchants in chapter 1 of this campaign. The merchants in Hilltop are the village smith (Fiona), the resident herbalist (Farghan), the local priest (Gilford), and a visiting halfing named Torias (whose store is a secret side business). In addition, if Szaren is permitted to set up an enclave, that enclave includes a store the player can patronize.

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