Hextor the Scourge of Battle
Lesser god
Symbol: six red arrows fanned outwards
Alignment: lawful evil
Worshippers: warriors, assassins, humanoids, Aerdy.
Weapon: morningstar, flail (any)
Domains: war, discord, conflict, fitness

Hextor is the half-brother of Heironeous, and as diabolic as his brother is angelic. He delights in torture, bloodshed, and strife, and preaches a creed of iron-fisted dominance. His priesthood consists of two factions: the Bringers of Strife, and the Legion of Battle. The Bringers are traditional priests, and typically have two or more lower-ranked members of the Legion as guardians. The Legion is a military order organized much like a feudal knighthood, consisting of clerical warriors (crusaders). The Bringers keep the populace in line, while the Legion spreads the word of Hextor to those who will convert, and death to those who refuse.

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