The Chronicles of Helora is a Neverwinter Nights persistent world. The main concept of Helora is high level roleplaying in player-based political world events. The main plot in Helora is related to the many political factions, all of which are open to players. In time, the entire world will be run by players with minimal DM support.

Being a roleplaying server, Helora's DMs will encourage role-playing and players' initiatives and ideas.

Technical information Edit

Server IP: or

Requirements: Neverwinter Nights, Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark, Community Expansion Pack (CEP), and Helora hak paks [1].

Pantheon Edit

Some of the names of the gods of Helora are taken from different mythologies, while others are original. Other than the name, the entire description is original for Helora.

Good gods: House of Kishar

(M) Kishar, goddess of justice and holy war (LG) - good, war, strength
(I) Belenos, god of healing, life, spring (NG) - healing, good, protection
(I) Asteria, goddess of dawn, light, summer (NG) - sun, good, fire
(I) Mopsus, god of intuition, free will, fate (CG) - luck, knowledge, magic

Neutral gods: House of Freya

(M) Freya, goddess of knowledge, history, divinations, magic (TN) - knowledge, magic, protection
(I) Janus, god of open roads, winds, travel (CN) - travel, air, healing
(I) Varuna, goddess of the wilds, earth, oceans, rivers, rain, storms (NN) - plant, animal, earth, water, air
(I) Amaranth, god of alchemy, crafts, resources (LN) - knowledge, plant, fire, earth
(I) Reishi, god of wealth, economy, treasure (NN) - earth, luck, knowledge
(I) Gendrewin, goddess of strategy, warfare, games (LN) - war, strength, protection

Evil gods: House of Marzolg

(M) Marzolg, god of war, chaos, triumph, fire (CE) - war, chaos, evil, destruction
(I) Rashnu, god of death, decay, disease, slaughter (NE) - evil, death, destruction
(I) Morrigan, god of shadows, mischief, sneaking, stealing (CE) - evil, chaos, trickery
(I) Mithra, goddess of night, undeath, necromancy (NE) - evil, death, magic

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