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A healer's kit contains various herbs, bandages, and salves, all of which can be used in conjunction with the heal skill to heal wounds, cure poison, or remove diseases. The healer's kit's bonus (+1 to +12) is added to the skill roll.

To use this item, right click the kit in the character's inventory, select the "Use: Heal" option, and then click on a poisoned, diseased, or injured creature. This will initiate a heal skill check (modified by the kit's bonus). The kit is destroyed after this check, even if the check failed.

Notes Edit

Iit medkit 001 old
  • The original version of NWN had a red cross symbol on the item icon. However, a later patch removed the cross due to trademark issues.[1] The symbol change had no effect on functionality though. (The original icon can be restored as part of NWN Restoration.[2])
  • Unlike drinking potions, using a healer's kit does not provoke an attack of opportunity, nor does it break stealth mode.
  • A creature using a healer's kit is considered flat-footed.
  • A healer's kit does not heal ability damage. So while it can cure poison, it cannot heal the ability damage caused by the poison.

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