Human male 99

Gypsies live free lives apart from civilization.

Statistics Edit

Race: human
Alignment: true neutral
Armor class: 14
Hit points: 103
Attack bonus: +14/+9/+4 /+14
Damage: d6 +6/d6 +4 (2 scimitar +1)
Disarmed: d3 +3 (unarmed strike)

Hit dice (level): 15
Spellcasting: cleric 10
Challenge rating: 11

  fortitude 11
reflex 9
will 5

Size: medium

  strength 17
dexterity 14
constitution 12
intelligence 10
wisdom 12
charisma 8

Trained skills:(‡) disable trap (6), discipline (13), listen (11), lore (8), open lock (10), parry (8), perform (11), search (6), taunt (7)
Feats: alertness, ambidexterity, armor proficiency (heavy), armor proficiency (light), armor proficiency (medium), cleave, evasion, great fortitude, improved critical (scimitar), point blank shot, power attack,quick to master, shield proficiency, sneak attack (+1d6), toughness, two-weapon fighting, uncanny dodge II, weapon focus (scimitar), weapon proficiency (exotic), weapon proficiency (martial), weapon proficiency (simple), weapon specialization (scimitar)

Blueprint:(‡) nw_gypsy006


See also: gypsy healer, gypsy mage, gypsy rogue, gypsy warrior

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