Variable SummaryEdit

The following variables and switches are set in the mod_settings.2da file which is found in the Grim2_2das.hak file. By extracting this file and making changes, builders can activate/deactivate certain pieces of content or add their own settings to the file and not have to remember to set these items on their modules. This is especially useful for PWs that run multiple modules that need to have the same settings on all of them. To understand the full setup of how the variables for the HCR2 events work, visit this thread at the HCR forums and download their documentation.

Default Settings found in mod_settings.2daEdit

Variable NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
OnAcquireItem1stringx2_mod_def_aqusets the default script from HotU. Additional scripts can be executed by incrementing the number at the end of the variable name (ie "OnAcquireItem2").
OnActivateItem1stringx2_mod_def_actsets the default script from HotU to be executed. This can be changed or others can be added by setting a OnActivateItem2 variable.
OnModuleLoad1stringx2_mod_def_loadsets the default script from HotU to be executed.
OnPlayerDeath1stringnw_o0_deathsets the default NWN death script
OnPlayerDying1stringnw_o0_dyingsets the default NWN dying script to be executed.
OnPlayerEquipItem1stringx2_mod_def_equsets the default script from HotU to be executed
OnPlayerReSpawn1stringnw_o0_respawnsets the default NWN respawn script to be executed
OnPlayerUnEquipItem1stringx2_mod_def_unequsets the default script from HotU to be executed
OnPlayerUnAcquireItem1stringx2_mod_def_unacqsets the default script from HotU to be executed for this event
OnSpellhook1stringsg_spellhooksets the Grimoire's spellhook script to be executed
SG_L_ALWAYS_ALLOW_NPCSint1setting this value makes the spell turning spells work.
SG_NO_TIMESTOPint0changing this to a 1 will prevent the Time Stop spell from working (it will still be available to be chosen, it just won't work)
SG_USE_35_HEALHARMint0changing this to a 1 will use 3.5ed rules for Heal and Harm spells
SG_L_DESTROY_SUMMONSint0changing this to a 1 will cause all previous summons by a caster to be destroyed prior to summoning new creatures. One creature is always destroyed when casting a summons spell, so leaving this at zero will not prevent that from occurring.
SG_L_TRUESEE_FIXint0changing this to 1 will change the True Seeing spell, scrolls and potions to work differently so that you will not see rogues hiding by stealth. This does not affect the True Seeing property given to creatures.
SG_ENFORCE_DOMAINSPELLSint0changing this to 1 will cause clerics to be unable to cast if they do not have at least 1 domain spell memorized at each level for which they have a domain spell available.
OnPlayerRestCancelled1stringsg_rest_canneeded for the domain spell enforcement option
OnPlayerRestFinished1stringsg_rest_finneeded for the domain spell enforcement option

If you make changes, you can just add your new mod_settings.2da file to your own hak and place it above any of the Grimoire haks in your Custom Content list.

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