The following sources have been consulted in the development of this project.

SourceAbbreviationD&D Rules Version
Player's HandbookPHB3.5
Complete MageCM3.5
Complete ArcaneCAr3.5
Complete DivineCDiv3.5
Spell CompendiumSpC3.5
Complete WarriorCW3.5
Races of StoneRoS3.5
Races of DestinyRoD3.5
Races of the WildRotW3.5
Heroes of BattleHoB3.5
Heroes of HorrorHoH3.5
Player's Guide to FaerunPGtF3.5
Races of FaerunRoF3.5
Book of Vile DarknessBoVD3.5
Book of Exalted DeedsBoED3.5
Libris MortisLM3.5
Lords of MadnessLoM3.5
System Reference DocumentsSRD3.5
Player's Resource ConsortiumPRC3.0
Forgotten Realms Campaign SettingFRCS3.0
Magic of FaerunMoF3.0
Lords of DarknessLoD3.0
Sword & Sorcery:Relics & Rituals ISSRRI3.0
Tome & BloodT&B3.0
Wizards of the Coast WebsiteWotC3.0/3.5
Baldur's Gate CRPG (Bioware)BG2.0
Complete Bard's HandbookCBH2.0
Complete Book of ElvesCBE2.0
Complete Druid's HandbookCDH2.0
Complete Necromancer's HandbookCNH2.0
Complete Ranger's HandbookCRH2.0
Complete Wizard's HandbookCWH2.0
Player's HandbookPHB33.0
Player's HandbookPHB22.0
Player's HandbookPHB11.0
Player's Option: Spells & MagicPOS&M2.0
Tome of MagicToM2.0
Unearthed ArcanaUA1.0
The MagisterTM1.0

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