Bugfixes and upcoming changes for v2.2.4Edit

Estimated date of upload: N/A

Spell affectedDescriptionFile changedUpdate versionDate/time fixed
Larloch's Minor DrainDamage should be d4, not d6sg_s0_larmindr.nss2.2.4SSB Syrus Greycloak 10:16, 9 March 2006 (PST)
Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Serious WoundsDescriptions for Healing domain levels incorrect. Should be Healing 2, Healing 3, respectively.Grim2CepPrc.tlk2.2.4SSB Syrus Greycloak 06:21, 21 February 2006 (PST)

Current version 2.2.3Edit

Available for download at NWVault.

Type of changeDescriptionFile(s) affected
CHANGEThe include file structure in the Grimoire has been changed significantly. This change should be transparent, except to builders who have altered functions in those include files. Documentation is being added to this site to reflect where everything is.All include files
NEW FEATUREModule switch included ("SG_ENFORCE_DOMAINSPELLS") to check clerics if they have at least one domain spell memorized per level. Must have sg_mod_def_rest as on rest script (or must copy changes to other script). See Grimoire cleric domain check and Grimoire variable settings for details.sg_mod_def_rest.nss (new), sg_i0_deities.nss, sg_spellhook.nss
NEW FEATUREUnderwater spell casting rules implementation. See Grimoire underwater rules for details.Most include files, most spell scripts.
BUGSee Invisibility - TargetType value was set incorrectly in spells.2da. Should be 0x2B, not 0x3E.spells.2da
BUGCreeping Doom - TMI error correctedsg_s0_crpdoom.nss, sg_s0_crpdoomc.nss
BUGCloak of Righteousness - was blinding everyone, not just enemies. verified faction check in script, so allies should not be affected by blindness. Made sure to exclude caster from being blinded.sg_s0_clkright.nss, sg_s0_clkrighta.nss
BUGHealing Circle - was healing both allies and enemies.sg_s0_healcirc.nss
FIXA non-used file, sg_inc_summon.ncs.nss, was floating in the source hak. It has been removed.Grim2Source.hak
FIXBioware did not code in the wearing of medium or heavy armor or loads with regard to the evasion and improved evasion feats. This has been added into the checking of whether the feats may be used
FIXPale Master's Create/Summon Greater Undead Feat - the proper script was missing entirely from source and haks. it has been readdedsg_s2_sumgrund.nss
FIXCure Minor Wounds - The description in the tlk was still reading as curing 4 hp of dmg instead of 1 hp of dmg.tlk files
FIXAid - The description in the tlk for Aid is missing Rgr 3 and Pal 2.tlk files
BUGFire Shield - Impact script name in spells.2da did not match actual script name (sg_s0_fireshld vs sg_s0_firshld). This has been fixed.spells.2da
BUGLevel 4 orb spells - The check for the fortitude save was being done via a variable which was never set, thus it always failed. This has been fixed.sg_s0_lvl4orbs.nss
FIXThe new entries for deities listed in Complete Divine were causing the deity-enabled version of the CODI/PRC character creator to crash. These lines have been temporarily removed until the tlk entries for everything have been completed.sg_deities.2da
FIXEntries were missing from the ReqAction column in feat.2da. This has been repaired.feat.2da
NEW SPELLLarloch's Minor Drain - Sor/Wiz 1 (from Baldur's Gate) has been activated.spells.2da
BUGProtection from Alignment - damage reduction for Elementals and Outsiders has been removed as it isn't working properly 3.5ed has changed this to "summoned creatures" instead of Elementals and Outsiders, anyway.sg_s0_protalign.nss, Grim2source.erf
FIXProt Alignment/Magic Circle vs Alignment no longer give general "mind-spell" immunity. They now will give immunity only to spells of the Compulsion or Charm subschools, and spell-like abilities that mimic these effects.sg_s0_protalign.nss, sg_s0_circaligna.nss, Grim2source.erf
BUGThe Healing domain was still set to Regenerate at Level 7 instead of Greater Healing Circle. This has been
BUGThe Charm domain was still using the Trickery domain icon instead of the Charm domain icon. This has been
BUGCalm Animals had previously been fixed and activated for use, but was not added to the Animal domain at Level 1. This has been
BUGElemental Substitution - name changed Energy Substitution.Grimoire2.tlk, Grim2cep.tlk
BUGCreature hide items providing celestial and fiendish properties for the new summons are missing from the haks. These have been added.Grim2Blueprints.hak
BUGTwo files in Grim2PRCSource.hak, spell template.nss and test compile.nss cause NWN to crash when building a module. test compile.nss has been removed from the hak. spell template.nss has been changed to spell_template.nss.spell_template.nss, Grim2PRCsource.hak
CHANGECircular includes have been removed from the Grimoire scripts. The PRC scripts still have them, so the scripts will not compile in the toolset.nw_i0_spells.nss, x0_i0_spells.nss, x2_i0_spells.nss, sg_i*.nss
BUG FIXDelayed blast fireball was not taking into account Elemental Substitution feats.sg_s0_delfirebal.nss
BUG FIXFire shield never made it through my rewrite process for the Elemental Substitution feats, among other things. It is now working properly.sg_s0_firshld.nss
BUGFire storm script name and 2da file were not in agreement.spells.2da
BUGSG_DEITIES.2DA - the line for XAN YEE was missing the underscore in the name (XAN_YEE). This has been fixed.sg_deities.2da

Previous VersionsEdit


Type of changeDescriptionFile(s) affected
BUGImproved invisibility - I had tried using the BW INVISIBILITY_TYPE_IMPROVED option instead of concealment. Obviously, this option doesn't work. I have fixed the spell to work as intended. You will lose invisiblity when you attack, and it will be reapplied so long as there is duration remaining on the spell.sg_s0_impinvis.nss

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