This section will house development information for the Grimoire. Included will be game resources used by the project, new current projects/features that are being developed, and a future "to do" or idea list

Game Resources UsedEdit

Sources UsedEdit

This listing includes any source text referenced in the making of this project.

Include files and custom functionsEdit

  • View list of include files and the custom functions and constants included in them

Current ProjectsEdit

  • Updating all spells to 3.5 edition rules where possible.
  • Implementing spell information tracking struct in all spells.
  • Implementing secondary damage possibilities.
  • Implementing Widen Spell metamagic feat.
  • Updating the Grimoire pages here on NWN Wiki.

Completed ProjectsEdit

  1. Underwater Casting Rules
  2. Cleric domain spell check
  3. Rebuking/Commanding Undead, Dispel Turning, and Bolstering Undead has been added.
  4. XP component costs have been implemented.

Possible Future ProjectsEdit

  • Add more domains from FRCS
  • Add more domains from CDiv
  • Change Animate Dead to be more like description in PHB
  • Enabling "Wild magic" zones
  • Many spells allow to "hold the charge" or last "until discharged", e.g. Chill Touch and Acid Spittle.

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