These spells were changed to either fix durations, differences in effects, radius, names, a domain caster level bonus or something that did not match a sourcebook. This list is not all-inclusive. Refer to the in-game description to be sure.

List of spell changesEdit

SpellDescription of changeSource
acid fogdurationPHB
acid splashmust succeed at ranged touch attackPHB
aidtemp hp should be 1d8+1/caster lvl (max +10)PHB
aura of glory+2 to caster persuade skill, +2 to fear save (not +5), allies within 10 ft get cured 1hpMoF
banishmentonly affects outsiders/elementalsPHB
barkskinadded ranger 2 (3.5e) as casterSRD
bestow cursebard 3 does not get spell, added additional penalties, school necromancyPHB
blade barriermaximum 15d6 damagePHB
blessAOE radius 50'PHB
blindness and deafnessschool should be transmutation, choose blindness or deafness (by radial selection).PHB
bull's strengthbard 2 does not get spellPHB
call lightningspell does not work indoors or undergroundPHB
cat's graceranger 2 does not get spellPHB
charm monsterdurationPHB
charm persondurationPHB
charm person or animaldurationPHB
circle of death9HD capPHB
color sprayeffectsPHB
control undeadmultiple creaturesPHB
create greater undeadno liches, duration, other changesPHB
create undeaddurationPHB
cure minor woundsremoved constructs from being affectedPHB
cure light woundsremoved constructs from being affectedPHB
cure moderate woundsremoved constructs from being affectedPHB
cure serious woundsremoved constructs from being affectedPHB
cure critical woundsremoved constructs from being affectedPHB
darknessdispels equal or lower light effects in areaPHB
delayed blast fireballchoose 1-5 round delay before blastPHB
dismissalonly affects single targeted outsiderPHB
divine favor
dominate monsterdurationPHB
dominate persondurationPHB
elemental shieldremoved/renamed: fire shieldPHB
endure elementschoose 1 element type (by radial menu)PHB
energy bufferdurationT&B
etherealnessNow is "etherealness", not "greater sanctuary"
feeblemindsupernatural effect (so dispel doesn't work), removable by remove curse and healPHB
fire stormno longer half divine damage (it is not flame strike)PHB
firebrandnow evenly distributes missiles, 5 ft radius bursts on targetsMoF
flame arrowadds extra fire damage property to arrowsPHB
flame lash+1d6 per 3 levels above level 3PHB
flame weaponimplementation of flame blade - druid 2, removed sorcerer/wizard 2PHB
gateattempt made at fixing non-PvP area exploit, spell otherwise unchanged
greater shadow conjurationdamaging spells do percentage damage on will disbeliefPHB
greater spell breachadded options to remove new spells, random selection
greater stoneskinfixed max absorbedPHB
gust of windonly destroys AOEs affected by gust of wind (fogs, etc.)PHB
Hammer of the godsremoved/replaced: now 4 separate alignment domain-only "smite" spells - chaos hammer, holy smite, order's wrath, unholy blightPHB
harmswitch included to use either 3.0 or 3.5 rules
healswitch included to use either 3.0 or 3.5 rules, removes feeblemindPHB
holy auranow more closely matches PHBPHB
Isaac's greater missile stormfires from caster, now evenly distributes missiles
Isaac's lesser missile stormfires from caster, now evenly distributes missiles
lightlight/darkness spells now dispel equal or lower level effectsPHB
magic circle against alignmentadded law/chaos optionsPHB
mass blindness and deafnesschoose either blindness or deafnessPHB
mass healswitch included to use either 3.0 or 3.5 rules, removes feeblemindPHB
meteor swarmdamage spread and target per PHBPHB
Mordenkainen's swordnow summons sword, not battle horrorPHB
nature's balancename changed to nature's wrathnature's balance is a druid 4 listed in MoF (implemented as new spell)
one with the land
power word, killschool conjurationPHB
power word, stunschool conjurationPHB
protection from alignmentadded law/chaos optionsPHB
protection from elementschoose 1 element type (by radial menu)PHB
ray of enfeeblementmust succeed at ranged touch attackPHB
ray of frostmust succeed at ranged touch attack.PHB
remove blindness/deafnesschoose blindness or deafness (by radial menu)PHB
remove paralysis
resist elementschoose 1 element type (by radial menu)PHB
scarename changed to cause fear (what BioWare implemented)PHB
shadesdamaging spells only inflict percentage damage on will disbeliefPHB
shadow conjurationdamaging spells now do percentage damage on will disbeliefPHB
storm of vengeanceworks more like PHB, certain actions on certain roundsPHB
summon creature I-IXduration, improved summons list, multiple summonsPHB
sunbeamworks more like PHBPHB
Tasha's hideous laughter
unholy auraworks more like PHBPHB
word of faithremoved/replaced: now 4 separate alignment-based spells: blasphemy, dictum, holy word, word of chaosPHB

Summon creature spellsEdit

Creatures in italics are available if used with CEP.

The below lists are the creatures randomly available when casting that spell.

Animal domainEdit

The animal domain has the same summon creatures list as before.


For druids and rangers, this spell has results more like Dungeons & Dragons' summon nature's ally.

LevelCreature list
Ibadger, dire rat, dog, hawk, tiny viper
IIdire badger, wolf, eagle, hyena
IIIblack bear, boar, small elemental, leopard, dire bat, bison, dire weasel, medium viper, wolverine, satyr, small salamander
IVdire wolf, lion, grig, assassin vines, small xorn
Vbrown bear, dire boar, elemental, dire lion, tiger, dire wolverine, medium salamander, huge viper
VIdire bear, elemental, medium xorn
VIIdire tiger, huge elemental, pixie, treant, elder xorn
VIIIgreater elemental, large salamander
IXelder elemental

All other classesEdit

For all other classes, this spell has results more like Dungeons & Dragons' summon monster.

LevelCreature list
Icelestial badger, fiendish dire rat, celestial dog, fiendish hawk
IIcelestial eagle, formian worker, fiendish wolf, lemure, fiendish tiny viper, fiendish hyena
IIIcelestial black bear, celestial badger, azer, small elemental, fiendish boar, fiendish leopard, fiendish dire bat, dretch, celestial bison, fiendish dire weasel, small salamander, fiendish wolverine
IVlantern archon, celestial lion, imp, fiendish wolf, hell hound, magmin, vargouille, small xorn, fiendish medium viper, howler
Vcelestial brown bear, hound archon, formian warrior, elemental, mephit, shadow mastiff, quasit, fiendish dire boar, celestial dire lion, yeth hound, medium salamander, fiendish dire wolverine, fiendish tiger, fiendish griffon
VIcelestial dire bear, elemental, red slaad, erinyes, bezekira, medium xorn, belker, fiendish huge viper
VIIfiendish dire tiger, huge elemental, invisible stalker, blue slaad, bebelith, elder xorn, hamatula, osyluth
VIIIformian taskmaster, greater elemental, succubus, barghest, cornugon, large salamander
IXtrumpet archon, elder elemental, rakshasa, vrock, night hag, lammasu, large barghest, gelugon


The Grimoire changes many of the standard Neverwinter Nights domains either to make them conform more closely to Dungeons & Dragons rules, or adds new spells from other sources that fit with the overall theme of the domain. New spells added to domains usually are added at levels where the spell the domain normally receives could not be implemented.

Also, the Grimoire provides an optional cleric domain spell memorization enforcement feature, which requires a cleric to memorize at least one domain spell per level, or the character will be unable to cast a spell until the situation is fixed.

Other rules changesEdit

  • Paladins and rangers have their caster level equal to half their class level, per rule in Player's Handbook.
  • The wearing of medium or heavier armor, or the carrying of a medium or greater weight load, will now negate the use of the evasion and improved evasion feats.
  • Spells and spell lists have been converted to be as close as possible to the 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons rules.

Updated spell listsEdit

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