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Greyhawk was the first Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) setting to be published. Many of the spells with named inventors in the title are the creation of characters found in the Greyhawk setting. Bigby (of the Bigby's hand spell series), Evard (of Evard's black tentacles) and Mordenkainen (of Mordenkainen's sword and Mordenkainen's disjunction) are some of those magic-users. This setting has been displaced by the Forgotten Realms setting as the most popular players' choice but it still retains a unique flavor and a number of things have be brought into the core rulebooks (most notably, some of the Greyhawk deities and the spell names). Greyhawk is also the setting used for the basic version of pen and paper D&D.

The recent computer game The Temple of Elemental Evil used this setting. Wizards of the Coast's RPGA organization also features Greyhawk as its most popular campaign setting, known as Living Greyhawk.

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