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Type of feat: class
Prerequisite: shifter 10

Specifics: At tenth level, a shifter may shift into the form of a large dire tiger, medusa, or mindflayer three times per day.

Use: selected

Notes Edit

  • Requires Hordes of the Underdark.
  • This form of shapeshifting cannot be dispelled.
  • At shifter level 16, unlimited uses of this ability are gained via infinite greater wildshape IV.
  • The mindflayer form has the unusual property of adding a bonus to the character's intelligence and wisdom—every other shifter shape (except the drow warrior's elven racial modifier for constitution) overrides any ability score it modifies. The intelligence and wisdom bonuses are subject to the ability cap.

Forms Edit

  • The following table shows the character's adjusted abilities and AC (before applying item bonuses). Note that only the highest AC bonus from items will merge, and that off-hand weapon and bracer/gauntlet/glove properties never merge.
Shape Str Dex Con Int Wis AC HP To hit Attacks Special Unarmed Merge
dire tiger271715--21 (+8 dodge, +3 dex)+60BAB +8claw/claw/bite 2d4+8/2d4+8/2d6+8 (20/x2)-yesarmor
medusa1919---24 (+10 dodge, +4 dex)+35BAB +4claw/claw 1d6+4/1d6+4 (20/x2)
bite 1d4+4 (20/x2)
on-hit: poison (DC=20) 1d2 str (medium spider venom)
petrification gaze,
weapon finesse
mindflayer-19-(+8)(+2)21 (+7 dodge, +4 dex)+30BAB +2tentacle/tentacle 2d4/2d4 (20/x2)
+2 slashing (+2 attack bonus)
illithid mind blast,
psionic inertial barrier, SR24,
listen +6,
spot +6,
immunity to mind-affecting spells and effects.
  • The medusa's petrification gaze is limited to one use per shift, plus one use for every five shifter levels. The mindflayer's mind blast ability is limited to one use per shift, plus one use for every three shifter levels. These limits are imposed via scripting and are not reported in the graphical user interface.

Custom content notes Edit

  • script: X2_S2_GWildShp

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