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Type of feat: class
Prerequisite: shifter

Specifics: The character with this ability can take the shape of a red, green, black, white, or blue wyrmling three six times per day. He gains the wyrmling's signature ability, its breath weapon. As the shifter rises in levels, the damage potential of the breath weapon increases.

Use: selected. After choosing the ability, the character must select which kind of wyrmling he wants to transform into.

Notes Edit

Wyrmling shapes Edit

  • All wyrmling shapes get 15 temporary hit points, true seeing, immunity to paralysis, and a breath attack with unlimited uses.
  • Magical properties from armor, shield, helmet, and items merge into all five shapes. Note that all AC bonuses from items are converted to deflection AC, so they do not stack while the character is shifted.
  • All wyrmling shapes are small creatures.
  • The following table shows the character's new strength, dexterity, constitution and armor class (AC) before applying item bonuses. Each of the AC totals include a +5 dodge bonus. The attack column assumes a character without weapon finesse. The AC and attack columns include the size modifier, which is not reflected on the character sheet.
Color Str Dex Con AC Attack Damage (claw/claw/bite) Breath attack Immunities
red 16- 15 16 + dex BAB+4 1d6+3 / 1d6+3 / 1d8+3 (20/x2)fire wyrmling breath100% DI fire, 50% DV cold
blue 15- 15 16 + dex BAB+3 1d4+2 / 1d4+2 / 1d6+2 (20/x2)lightning wyrmling breath100% DI electricity
black1517- 19 BAB+3 1d3+2 / 1d3+2 / 1d4+2 (20/x2)acid wyrmling breath 100% DI acid
white1517- 19 BAB+3 1d3+2 / 1d3+2 / 1d4+2 (20/x2)cold wyrmling breath100% DI cold, 50% DV fire
green15- 16 16 + dex BAB+3 1d4+2 / 1d4+2 / 1d6+2 (20/x2)gas wyrmling breath100% DI acid

Custom content notes Edit

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