Is x2glphward
Spell level: cleric 3

Innate level: 3
School: abjuration
Descriptor: sonic
Components: verbal, somatic
Range: short (8 meters)
Area of effect: large (5 meter radius)
Duration: 1 turn / level
Save: reflex 1/2
Spell resistance: yes

Description: The caster creates a small, magical zone that can detect the passage of enemy creatures. When the field is activated, it explodes, doing 1d8 points of sonic damage per two caster levels to all creatures within the area of effect (to a maximum of 5d8). After being triggered, the glyph dissipates.

Caster levelDamage per cast


Custom content notesEdit

  • impact script: X2_S0_GlphWard.nss
  • OnEnter script: X2_S0_GlphWardA.nss
  • placeable: x2_plc_glyph (Glyph of Warding)
    • OnHearbeat script: x2_o0_glyphhb.nss
    • OnUserDefined script: x2_o0_glyphude.nss
  • secondary impact script: x2_s0_glphwardx.nss (spell 764)

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