GetReflexAdjustedDamage(int, object, int, int, object) determines the damage to be applied after saving throws are applied.

int GetReflexAdjustedDamage(
    int nDamage,
    object oTarget,
    int nDC,
    int nSaveType = SAVING_THROW_TYPE_NONE,
    object oSaveVersus = OBJECT_SELF


int nDamage

The full damage that would be applied if no adjustments were made.

object oTarget

The target of the damage.

int nDC

The DC needed to avoid (or reduce) the damage. The function GetSpellSaveDC could be used for this value.

int nSaveType


object oSaveVersus

The source of the potential damage (Default: OBJECT_SELF)


Returns how much of damage that oTarget should receive after nDamage has been adjusted for reflex and evasion saving throws.


This function can be used in scripts that simulate new effect like custom traps or special abilites by taking the reflex and evasion saves into consideration as is prescribed by D&D rules.



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Based on the original article on the NWN Lexicon by author Tom Cassiotis

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