The GetHasFeat() NWScript command determines whether or not a creature (object) can use a particular feat (or simply has the feat, if the feat is not actively used). For feats with successors (such as the various bard song feats), having a successor feat counts as having the feat. So, for example, one can simply test for the first bard song feat (FEAT_BARD_SONGS), and the game will handle checking the remaining uses of whichever bard song feat the creature actually uses (the one from the highest bard level).

Definition Edit

int GetHasFeat (int nFeat, object oCreature=OBJECT_SELF)

int nFeat 
The feat to check, as a FEAT_* constant.
object oCreature 
The creature whose feats will be checked.

TRUE is returned if oCreature is a (valid) creature, has the specified feat, and (if applicable) still has uses remaining of that feat. FALSE is returned otherwise.

Known bugs Edit

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