FrozenWastes Tileset

The Frozen Wastes tileset was introduced with the Hordes of the Underdark Expansion pack and describes the following themes:

Features Edit

  • Cave (1x1)
  • Chessboard (1x1)
  • Crystal (1x1)
  • Evil Castle Breach (1x1)
  • Evil Castle Main Door (1x1)
  • Evil Castle Small Door (1x1)
  • Evil Entrance (1x1)
  • Ice Crater (1x1)
  • Market 1 (1x1)
  • Market 2 (1x1)
  • Portal (1x1)
  • Ramp (1x1) - Used to transition levels

Groups Edit

  • Dragon Skeleton (2x1)
  • Evil Temple (2x3)
  • Evil Temple (2x3)
  • Neutral Temple (2x2)

Terrain Edit

  • EvilCastle
  • Floor
  • Pit
  • Raise/Lower

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