Dragon faerie

The faerie dragon is a small dragon that enjoys pranks and practical jokes. However, they should not be underestimated because of their playful nature. Every 5 levels of the master, the faerie dragon gains a use of either improved invisibility or its confusion breath weapon.

The faerie dragon thrives on pranks, mischief, and practical jokes. Faerie dragons resemble miniature dragons with gossamer butterfly wings. Although they are generally well-meaning, most adventurers are advised to be wary of their sense of humor. They are also found to be familiars of wizards, who often share their sense of humor.

Statistics Edit

Race: dragon
Alignment: chaotic good
Armor class: 15 (including the size modifier)
Hit points: 12 to 271
Attack bonus: +5 to +36/+31/+26/+21
at level 1: 1d4 + 3 slashing damage
at level 34: 1d4 + 8 slashing damage
at level 35: 1d2 + 3 bludgeoning damage

Hit dice (level): 1 to 40
Challenge rating: 1 to 20

  fortitude 3 to 23
reflex 2 to 22
will 3 to 23

Size: small

  strength 17
dexterity 11
constitution 13
intelligence 14
wisdom 12
charisma 12

Trained skills:(‡) hide, listen, search, spot, taunt (at level 21) (No skills improve after level 29.)
Feats: alertness, darkvision, immunity to sleep, improved evasion, weapon proficiency (creature), dodge (at level 21), mobility (at level 21), nature sense (at level 21)

Blueprint:(‡) x0_fm_fdrg01 to x0_fm_fdrg40

Special abilities Edit

Faerie dragon familiars are immune to paralysis and have spell resistance that increases with their master's level. They can also cast improved invisibility with a caster level equal to their master's, subject to a maximum of 15, as well as use a confusion bolt. At later levels, their natural weapon (a bite) gets an enhancement bonus. Their bite was intended to improve to 1d6 base damage at level 35, then to 1d8 at level 40, but due to a bug, faerie dragon familiars have no creature weapon at these levels and resort to unarmed strikes with a base damage of 1d2 (and no enhancement bonus).

1   12 1x/day  
5   16 1x/day 1x/day
10   20 2x/day 1x/day
15 +2 24 2x/day 2x/day
20 +3 24 3x/day 3x/day
25 +4 24 3x/day 3x/day
30 +5 24 3x/day 3x/day


  • Added in the expansion packs.
  • The level 19 faerie dragon familiar is bugged in that it has 3 uses per day of a daze bolt, and no use of improved invisibility or its confusion bolt.
  • Up to level 14, the fairie dragon's weapon is unaffected by spells (e.g. magic weapon).
  • The level 35 to 40 versions of this familiar are bugged in that they have no creature weapon and must fight unarmed. This means they lose their enhancement bonus, deal less base damage, and provoke attacks of opportunity.
    • A fix for this bug is available here.
  • At level 21, the faerie dragon gains 11 skill ranks in taunt, but the other skills decrease by 5.
  • Unlike most BioWare creatures, this creature's tag is not always its ResRef in all caps — at levels 1 to 20, its tag begins with "X1" instead of "X0".

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