Ir gengaze

Range: short (8 meters)
Save: fortitude
Spell resistance: no
Area of effect: single creature
Duration: instant / special (rounds)

Description: A dire gaze can be cast upon any single creature within 30 feet. The target must succeed at a fortitude saving throw (DC 11). Creatures who fail lose 5 points from both strength and constitution and also have a 25% chance of losing 5 points from all other ability scores due to fright.

Notes Edit

  • The target must be not friendly after factoring in the PvP setting.
  • The caster must have line-of-sight to the target.
  • The duration of the ability loss nominally lasts for a number of rounds equal to triple the caster's challenge rating. This is modified by the difficulty setting as follows.
    • Very easy: quartered.
    • Easy: halved.
    • Normal: normal.
    • Hardcore: increased 50%.
    • Very difficult: doubled.
  • The ability loss is a supernatural effect so cannot be dispelled, nor is it removed by resting.

Custom content notes Edit

  • script: nw_s1_evileye
  • The script checks the distance to the target and enforces the 30-foot range. This is not an issue normally, as the game forces targets to be within 26 feet (short range) before the script is fired. However, if the range is changed in spells.2da, then the script may need to be updated to compensate.

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