Eternal Sun Reborn (ESR) is a Neverwinter Nights action/PvP/roleplay server in development as of November 2005. ESR is server vault and requires both expansions (Shadows of Undrentide & Hordes of the Underdark).

The server's goal is to achieve the ultimate server of this type, consisting of the following thoughts.

  • Balanced PvP combat: No alignment restrictions, various spell/feat changes, limited item crafters (gold pieces linked to experience points)
  • An enjoyable social atmosphere: Player factions/guilds, shout channel role-playing and a tight community that keeps coming back yet expanding daily
  • A large world full of towns, monsters and non-player characters alike

ESR's rules and scripts support fair and balanced PvP. No items with immunity or damage resistance are allowed, and weapon enhancement and AC bonuses are limited. Many spells have been altered to balance and remove exploits. True seeing has been changed, so rogues can use stealth.

As the server is currently still in development, user feedback and comments are appreciated by the administrators. Also possible beta testers are being sought to help make the server as enjoyable as possible. Advice from talented scripters/mapmakers is always much appreciated.

The server is found in the "Team" category on GameSpy, with a direct connect address of

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