Erzlaw Epic World is a persistent world created for Neverwinter Nights. Erzlaw runs patch 1.69 with both expansion packs. In addition CEP and some server-specific hak paks are required. Players can connect to Erzlaw via xfire or direct connect to the following IP:

About Erzlaw Edit

Erzlaw began as a pen and paper AD&D game world 25 years ago. With the release of Neverwinter Nights it became possible to put the world into an online version. The creator/administrator uses the nickname, "IronCrown" and can often be found in-game, playtesting and adventuring. Work on the project began in 2003 and was published on GameSpy from 2004 to 2006. Due to real-life events the server was taken down for several years, but is now online again.

Erzlaw does not fit into any single category, although it was originally published in Social and PW Story. Erzlaw combines elements of social, pw story, action, and roleplay.  This is an adult server for ages 18+ and includes nudity, coarse language, alcohol, and adult-related themes such as BDSM. While these elements exist, Erzlaw is adventure-based with an optional main quest that will take new players all the way to level 20.  There are a wide variety of side quests, various cities, towns, and villages, a large underdark, and IronCrown's Player Housing System.

New players are welcome.

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