Ife x2wfbswd
Ife x2wfbaxe
Ife x2wfclub
Ife x2wfcrea
Ife x2wfdagg
Ife x2wfdart
Ife x2wfdmac
Ife x2wfdaxe
Ife x2ewfdwax
Ife x2wfgaxe
Ife x2wfgswd
Ife x2wfhalb
Ife x2wfhaxe
Ife x2wfhxb
Ife x2wfhfla
Ife x2wfkama
Ife x2wfkatn
Ife x2wfkukr
Ife x2wflxb
Ife x2wflfla
Ife x2wflham
Ife x2wflbow
Ife x2wflswd
Ife x2wfmace
Ife x2wfmsta
Ife x2wfqsta
Ife x2wfrapr
Ife x2wfscim
Ife x2wfscyt
Ife x2wfsbow
Ife x2wfsswd
Ife x2wfshur
Ife x2wfskle
Ife x2wfslng
Ife x2wfspr
Ife x2wftaxe
Ife x2ewftri
Ife x2wftswd
Ife x2wfunar
Ife x2wfwham
Ife x2ewfwhip

Type of feat: combat (general feat) (epic)
Prerequisite: 21st level, weapon focus with the chosen weapon
Required for: epic weapon specialization

Specifics: The character gains a +2 bonus to all attack rolls with the chosen weapon.

Use: automatic


Previous versionsEdit

  • Prior to version 1.69, epic weapon focus in the club had improved critical as the prerequisite instead of weapon focus.

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