Primitive and savage, these reptilian humanoids can be very dangerous if provoked. They are fiercely territorial, banding together to protect the swamplands they inhabit.

Statistics Edit

Race: reptilian
AC bonus: +12 dodge bonus
Druid/shifter merge: armor, items, weapon
Bonus hit points: +75
Size: medium
Weapon: 1d2 +5 slashing damage + 2d8 electrical damage (whip +5)
Special: on-hit: 10% chance to stun for 4 rounds (DC 26)

  strength 21
dexterity 20
Damage resistance
  acid 15/-
Damage reduction: 15/+5

Skill bonus: +15 discipline, +8 listen
Extra feats: alertness, ambidexterity, disarm (whip), weapon finesse, weapon proficiency (exotic), whirlwind attack

Special abilities Edit

A lizardfolk whipmaster has a +4 bonus to saving throws, freedom, and is immune to poison.

Notes Edit

This polymorph is used by the feat humanoid shape.

Builder's noteEdit

This polymorph lacks a scripting constant; it must be referred to by the number 104.

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