Kobolds are small humanoids, dangerous only in great numbers.

Statistics Edit

Race: reptilian
AC bonus: +13 dodge bonus
Druid/shifter merge: armor, items, weapon
Bonus hit points: +70
Size: small
Weapon: 1d6 +6 piercing damage + 2d4 acid damage (shortsword +6)
Special: massive critical +2d6, on-hit: poison 1d2 dexterity (DC 24)
Spells: invisibility

dexterity 25

Skill bonus: +10 hide, +5 listen, +10 move silently, +7 open lock, +7 set trap, +5 spot, +10 tumble
Extra feats: alertness, dodge, hide in plain sight, sneak attack +5d6, use poison, weapon finesse

Special abilities Edit

A kobold commando has darkvision, freedom, and improved evasion.

Notes Edit

  • This polymorph is used by the feat humanoid shape.
  • The bonus to the set trap skill and the use poison feat are unlikely to benefit a PC, as the corresponding trap and poison items are unusable while polymorphed.

Builder's noteEdit

This polymorph lacks a scripting constant; it must be referred to by the number 103.

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