Bonds of Blood
D&D 3.5 online server chapter 2

Bannerman's map of Termes

Creator: NarcissusLair
Type: Roleplaying
Levels: 1-40
PvP: full PvP
Version: 1.69 (8109)+XP1+XP2
Rules: player's handbook
Changes: subraces, classes, feats, skills, spell changes
Systems: crafting, repairing and cooking; merchants, barter and gold limits; deities, religion and prayer; environment; rest and ambush; combat; death; experience; emotes; teleportation
Items: treasure, properties

The Bonds of Blood persistent world contains certain areas with hostile environments that affect player characters in a variety of ways. Some of these areas have "extreme" environments that deal twice the normal damage for that environment.

A fortitude save must be made every turn to avoid receiving cold damage. During the day, the save DC is 15, and the damage is 1d6. During the night, the DC is 20, and the damage is 2d6.
A fortitude save with a DC of 15 must be made every turn during the day to avoid 1d3 fire damage and 1d3 sonic damage from sand storms.
A character may hold his breath up to 2 rounds per constitution point. After that he must make a fortitude save with a DC of 10 + 1 per round. Failing the save results in death. To regain his breath, the character must leave the water for 3 rounds.
A fortitude save with a DC of 20 must be made every turn to avoid 2d6 fire damage. It is possible that molten rock may hit the party at any time.
Lightning strikes
Though rare, it is possible to get hit by lightning during a storm. Lightning does 1d6 electrical damage and strikes every turn.

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