Bonds of Blood
D&D 3.5 online server chapter 2

Bannerman's map of Termes

Creator: NarcissusLair
Type: Roleplaying
Levels: 1-40
PvP: full PvP
Version: 1.69 (8109)+XP1+XP2
Rules: player's handbook
Changes: subraces, classes, feats, skills, spell changes
Systems: crafting, repairing and cooking; merchants, barter and gold limits; deities, religion and prayer; environment; rest and ambush; combat; death; experience; emotes; teleportation
Items: treasure, properties

The Bonds of Blood server supports emotes typed into the talk or whisper channels. Doing so will cause the player's character to perform actions or to play animations and sounds. An emote may be mixed with other text in a sentence. Normally the emote is stripped from the spoken text, but this can be changed by a player with a "meta-emote". Similarly, a player can opt out of the emote system for the player's current character.

Emotes are distinguished by being surrounded by asterisks. The remainder of this article documents which emotes are recognized by Bonds of Blood.


The meta-emotes control how the system functions.

Type this For this
*Emote On* emotes are used, and the text is also spoken
*Emotes On*
*Emote Off* turns off the emote system
*Emotes Off*
*Emotes Quiet* emotes are used, and the text is suppressed


The command emotes replicate the quickchat commands that give commands to associates.

Command emotes
Type this For this Quickchat version
*Attack* attack the nearest enemy vwe
*Follow* come to me and follow me around vee
*Follow Me*
*Guard* attack (only) those I fight vwf
*Guard Me*
*Heal* heal my hit points vwd
*Heal Me*
*Hold* stay where you are vwx


The voicechat emotes replicate the quickchat commands that do not give commands to associates.

Quickchat equivalents
Type this For this Quickchat version
*Battlecry* first battlecry vwr
*Battle Cry*
*Battlecry 1*
*Battle Cry 1*
*Battlecry I*
*Battle Cry I*
*Battlecry 2* second battelcry
*Battle Cry 2*
*Battlecry II*
*Battle Cry II*
*Battlecry 3* third battlecry
*Battle Cry 3*
*Battlecry III*
*Battle Cry III*
*Enemies* enemies spotted vwa
*Flee* suggest retreating vws
*Help* request aid vww
*Help Me*
*Taunt* a taunt vwt
*Group* group up ved
*Look Here* look at this vew
*Move* someone is in the way ves
*Move Over*
*Can* the task can be done vdc
*Can Do*
*Cant* the task cannot be done vdx
*Cant Do*
*Can't Do*
*Cannot Do*
*Can Not*
*Can Not Do*
*Complete* the task is complete vda
*Task Complete*
*Task Completed*
*Hide* proceed stealthily vds
*Pick* a lock needs to be dealt with vdw
*Pick Lock*
*Search* search for traps and secrets vde
*Bored* express boredom vsx
*Pause Bored*
*Pauses Bored*
*Greet* a salutation vss
*Goodbye* a farewell vsa
*No* express disagreement vsw
*Rest* request sleep vsc
*Stop* suggest stopping vse
*Yes* express agreement vsd
*Bad Idea* something was a bad idea vxz
*Cheer* something good happened vxd
*Cuss* something bad happened vxc
*Good Idea* something was a good idea vxa
*Laugh* laughter vxw
*Talk To Me* would like to say something vxs
*Want To Talk*
*Wants To Talk*
*Thank* express gratitude vxx
*Thank You*

Sound effects Edit

The sound effect play those voice set elements that are not associated with quickchat.

Sound effects
Type this For this
*Cast Fail*
*Spell Fail*
*Spell Failure*
*Combat I*
*Combat 1*
*Combat II*
*Combat 2*
*Combat III*
*Combat 3*
*Near Death*
*Pain I*
*Pain 1*
*Pain II*
*Pain 2*
*Pain III*
*Pain 3*
*Weapon Ineffective*
*Weapon Sucks*


The animation emotes replicate the "emotes" radial menu (upper-left option after right-clicking one's own character).

Sound effects
Type this For this
*Talk Pleading*
*Talks Pleading*
*Talk Forcefully*
*Speak Forcefully*
*Talks Forcefully*
*Speaks Forcefully*
*Cast* (repeats last spell effect used)
*Conjure* (repeats last spell effect used)
*Get Low*
*Gets Low*
*Use Low*
*Uses Low*
*Set Trap*
*Sets Trap*
*Falls Back*
*Falls Backwards*
*Fall Back*
*Fall Backwards*
*Fall Front*
*Falls Front*
*Fall Forward*
*Falls Forward*
*Get Mid*
*Gets Mid*
*Get Middle*
*Gets Middle*
*Look Far*
*Looks Far*
*Look Left*
*Looks Left*
*Look Right*
*Looks Right*
*Meditate* (evokes "pray to deity" command)
*Pick Pocket*
*Picks Pocket*
*Scratch Head*
*Scratches Head*

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