The EffectDeath() NWScript command creates an effect that kills the creature to which it is applied. It can also be applied to placeables, in which case the placeable will be destroyed. In either case, the plot flag has priority and can save the object from death/destruction. This effect must be applied instantly (not temporarily or permanently). The kill is credited to the object running the script when this effect is created.

This effect is blocked by death magic immunity (only) if it is applied in a spell script, and only if it is not converted to an extraordinary or supernatural effect.

Definition Edit

effect EffectDeath (int nSpectacularDeath=FALSE, int nDisplayFeedback=TRUE)

int nSpectacularDeath 
If this parameter is TRUE, then the creature to which this effect is applied will die in an extraordinary fashion (extra visual effects are used).
int nDisplayFeedback 
If this parameter is FALSE, the usual feedback in the combat log will be suppressed.

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