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History Edit

Philosophy Edit

We are Hecate's chosen ones.

Defenders of the Light.

We protect the weak and defend each other to the death.

Without unity there is chaos and evil. Stray not from the oaths of the clan.

Protect the weak, defend your brothers, and fight with honor.

Keep piety in your heart, virtue in your soul, wisdom in your mind, and strength in your body.

Defend the cause of justice and good.

Never recoil before your enemy.

Make war against evil and wrongdoing without cessation, and without leniency.

Carry out conscientiously the clan duties.

Never lie, and shall remain faithful to your pledged word.

Fight with honor.

Never, under any circumstances, fall into the shadows of evil by persuasion, trickery, or force.

Never abandon or double-cross a friend, ally, or fellow member of the clan.

Clan Champion Edit

Also know as the Eclipse Elite Militia, they are the chosen warriors of Eclipse.


  • Sirnico


  • Flow
  • Arkanis

Clan Leader Edit

Maric Rift

Clan Recruiters Edit

  • Gwen EagleEye
  • Niphredil

Past leaders Edit

  • Mari Borian
  • Mara Borian
  • Thim the Sage
  • Rough Rob
  • Karrak Delraen
  • Markham Okhotnik
  • Christoph Zane
  • Desil
  • Anduil Lightbringer

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