Aberration drider

Driders are bloodthirsty creatures that lurk in the depths of the earth, seeking warm-blooded prey of any kind.

Statistics Edit

Race: aberration
AC bonus: +8 dodge bonus
Druid/shifter merge: armor, items, weapon
Bonus hit points: +20
Size: large
Weapon: 1d8 +2 piercing damage (spear +2)
Special: On-hit: poison 1d2 strength (DC 16)
Shifter ability: darkness (1 + shifter level/10 uses)

  strength 16
dexterity 16
constitution 15

Spell resistance: 14

Skill bonus: +2 discipline
Extra feats: weapon proficiency (creature)

Special abilities Edit

A drider has freedom.

Notes Edit

This polymorph is used by the feat greater wildshape III.

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