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Type of feat: general
Prerequisite: turn undead, charisma 13+, strength 13+, power attack

Specifics: The character may spend one of his turn undead attempts to add his charisma bonus to his armor class for a number of rounds equal to the charisma bonus.

Use: selected


  • Added in the expansion packs.
  • The armor class provided is a dodge bonus.
  • Using this feat while its effects are still active will not have an effect.
  • Net dodge bonuses are capped at +20. This means that raising charisma over 51 (ability modifier +20) will only increase this feat's duration, not its effective bonus, unless the character had a negative dodge AC modifier. In addition, the maximum effective bonus may be achieved with a lower charisma score if the character had a positive dodge bonus (from other sources).
  • This feat may only be selected when leveling as a blackguard, paladin, or cleric.
  • This feat is available as a cast spell item property, but using such a property still requires spending a turn undead attempt.

Custom content notes Edit

  • script: X0_S2_DivShield
  • A custom class must have this feat in their feat list, or that class will not be able to select it as a general feat.

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