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Dice are items with multiple sides used to randomly decide the outcome of an event. This is done with a dice roll. The singular form of "dice" is "die", i.e., one die, two or more dice.

  • d2  : a (simulated) die with 2 sides
  • d3  : a (simulated) die with 3 sides
  • d4  : a die with 4 sides
  • d6  : a die with 6 sides
  • d8  : a die with 8 sides
  • d10 : a die with 10 sides
  • d12 : a die with 12 sides
  • d20 : a die with 20 sides
  • d100: a die with 100 sides

In pen and paper, a d100 is typically simulated with two non-identical d10s, where one d10 represents the tens digit and the other the ones. A d2 or d3 is simulated with a d4 or d6, where the result is halved.

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