This destroy complete inventory script destroys all items (including equipped items) and gold on a player character (PC). This can be used to cause all PCs to start on an even footing.

This script is configured for use in an OnEnter or OnClientEnter event handler.

 * This script clears the inventory of the entering player character.
 * It is suitable for use in an OnEnter or OnClientEnter event.
void main()
    int nSlot;
    object oPC = GetEnteringObject(); // Change this line for use in other events.
    // Make sure oPC is a PC (not necessary in a module's OnClientEnter).
    if ( !GetIsPC(oPC) )
    // Destroy the items in the main inventory.
    object oItem = GetFirstItemInInventory(oPC);
    while ( oItem != OBJECT_INVALID ) {
        oItem = GetNextItemInInventory(oPC);
    // Destroy equipped items.
    for ( nSlot = 0; nSlot < NUM_INVENTORY_SLOTS; ++nSlot )
        DestroyObject(GetItemInSlot(nSlot, oPC));
    // Remove all gold.
    AssignCommand(oPC, TakeGoldFromCreature(GetGold(oPC), oPC, TRUE));

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