Delarun (Dell-a-run) is a Neverwinter Nights Persistent World. Neverwinter Nights (NWN) is a PC Game that runs on Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) board game rules and was released in 2002 to massive hype among DnD gamers. Over the years it has come to be debatably the best Multiplayer compatible RPG in the world to date.

One of the key succeses of NWN is the Aurora Toolset which allows even a novice user to create massive worlds of adventure and intrigue. This coupled with a strongly supported community has led to NWN being a cult classic among RPG gamers.


Delarun is one of the many Persistent Worlds created by the NWN Community for other players to enjoy and submerse themselves in. Delarun is a land that has many races including Humans, Dwarves, Elves and many more, all with there own totally original history created by the dedicated Delarun Staff.

Immerse yourself in the NWN Persistent World experience!


Delarun is hosted in the U.K. by Celandril.

  • Server Name: Lands of Delarun
  • Direct Connect IP':
  • Max Players: 40 (Could change)


  • Setting: Delarun (FR Modified Setting)
  • Game Type: Persistant Story
  • PvP: Full (Restricted)
  • Levels: 1-40
  • Local Characters Allowed: No
  • Enforce Legal Characters: Yes
  • Only One Party: No
  • Item Level Restrictions: No (Server has in-built ILR)
  • Subraces: Yes
DwarfGold Dwarf
Shield Dwarf
ElfMoon Elf
Sun Elf
Wild Elf
Wood Elf
Rock Gnome
Air Genasi
Earth Genasi
Fire Genasi
Water Genasi


At this moment in time the server is about to relaunch after many monthes of reorganisation, and hard work. From Friday May 11th at 9:00pm GMT the server will be live. Come along and give this world a try.


Brought to you by the Delarun Team

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