Debug mode is a state the Neverwinter Nights client can be put in that enables a player to manipulate the game in ways not normally allowed (called "cheating" by some). This mode, as the name implies, was created to enable the game (or a module) to be checked for bugs.

Important: Playing in debug mode can cause stability problems, particularly if the game is saved while debug mode is active. As a matter of habit, debug mode should be canceled as soon as it is no longer needed.

Debug mode is normally only available in single-player games. (In most cases, a multiplayer game can be debugged by a Dungeon Master with no need to explicitly turn on this mode.) This mode is entered by issuing the console command

DebugMode 1

and exited with

DebugMode 0

(the lazy can omit the zero). Very early versions of the game also required an .ini file setting to be changed, but this is not the case in more recent versions.

When debug mode is active, a player gains some abilities normally reserved for Dungeon Masters (DMs). Most commonly, this mode is used to access the DM console commands. In addition, hitting the period (.) key while in this mode calls up the "Chooser" window of the DM client, allowing the player to manipulate creatures, encounters, triggers, and waypoints. Furthermore, the plus key (+) can be used to instantly move the player's character to wherever the mouse cursor is pointing (provided it is pointing to a surface on which a creature can walk).

To aid the person doing the debugging, all traps are made visible while debug mode is on, and those triggers that are normally hidden are shown as yellow shapes on the ground. (The latter is a rather noticeable indicator that debug mode had been accidentally left on.)

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