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Come to LaLa Land is a Neverwinter Nights persistent world and story server that tries to cater to all types of players, providing an enjoyable experience for all. Regular players include a variety of powergamers, roleplayers, and even social gamers. The module is based on Nordock, but has been altered over time to increase the difficulty and enjoyment. It has grown beyond the module's originally limited scope, offering new places to explore. The server contains over 800 areas and offers incentives to continue playing after reaching level 40.

The server was created because the owner, Emperor Dunge, wanted a place to explore Nordock without DMs in the way. The land was named after the phrase "off in lala-land", referring to someone daydreaming.

Party play is encouraged by providing bonuses to loot and experience points for parties (rather than the default reduction in experience points for being in a party).

The server's forums are a thriving area where folks have tales of in-game fun and a market area to purchase magical gear. However, the forum's registration process has been broken since mid-2017, with no time frame for a fix. New players will be quite limited in this regard. There is also a Skype channel for discussions of all things Lala-related. The website includes a list of some player characters with statistics, images, and biographies. (Inclusion in this list is voluntary, enabled through an in-game item, the PC Wand.)

No hak paks are required for this server. The server has been in service since 2003.

In December 2017, the server was rebranded as "Chapter 2". This update included a brand new, story-based adventure that takes place 100 years after the initial module, pushing the setting after the Spellplague of the Forgotten Realms. As a consequence, the existing player characters were deleted when this update took place. With this update, the server became compatible with CPP 1.71.

Features Edit

La La Land features a token system for a token-based economy. Some tokens can be found hidden throughout the world, while others are rewards for specific accomplishments. There are trivia tokens for answering trivia questions during special events, role-playing tokens for good role-play, and quest tokens from special events and some difficult creatures. Role-playing tokens can be used to purchase changes to the appearance of characters and items, or to make roleplay-based modifications to a character. Quest tokens are the most sought after, as they are used with the item enchantment system, which adds permanent or temporary item properties to armor and weapons. All tokens are awarded to the player, so are shared by and accessible to all of that player's characters.

There is a unique creature system, which has a chance to generate totally unique creatures in every spawn. These unique creatures are more powerful, and often times deadly, but they have a chance to drop the rarest items in the game, including quest tokens, and they almost always drops large piles of gold. This is to make things more challenging,unpredictable, as well as interesting.

The server uses an XP debt system that allows experience points to be virtually lost when such a loss would otherwise cause a reduction of character level. While the official campaigns would cap the loss to prevent a reduction in level, La La Land records the excess loss as a debt, which is then reduced in lieu of actual experience point gain until the debt is fully erased. On the flip side, experience points can be gained after level 40, increasing the chances of finding rare and unique loot, as well as providing secret benefits.

The "PC Wand" given to characters can facilitate some tasks, such as limiting some messages (e.g. "looking for a party" and "looking for a resurrection") to players who meet desired criteria. It also toggles various settings for feedback and automatic trashing of crafting resources. There is also an "XP Reporter" function.

The custom-built guild system has a built-in ranking system that allows guild leaders to manage their guild and members from their PC Wand item. Leaders can add and delete members, as well as modify member ranks, at any time (whether or not the member is online). A report of all other guild members who are online is seen upon logging in, and there are guild halls for every guild with special features (varying by guild).

Introduced mid-2017 was the new Purple Item System. This system generates random items, with both bonuses and curses. These items can be broken down to raw crystals, which can in turn be used to create a new (possibly better) item in the Purple Enchanter.

Items and gold can be persistently stored (in special chests or the gold bank), and such storage is accessible to all of a player's characters (allowing items and gold to be shared by them). This is expanded with a housing system that allows the placing of furniture, including furniture with inventory that provides additional access to persistent storage shared by a player's characters.

The loot system has been totally remade from scratch with a focus on variety. As one might expect, the more powerful the item, the more rare it is; only epic characters fighting epic creatures have a chance at spawning rare and unique items.

Every player has a chance to loot each chest. So players in a party do not have to worry about friends rushing to the chest and getting the loot first. Each player gets to check the chest in turn, with new loot spawning for each player. On the flip side, each player has only once chance to loot a given chest per server reset. Once a player opens and closes a chest, no other characters of that player can get anything more from it until the next reset.

A PvP and pickpocket system restricts these activities to characters above a certain level as well guarantees that those engaging in these activities are somewhat near to each other in level range, for fairness.

The amount of experience points (xp) awarded for killing a creature will fluctuate, even when the killer's level has not changed. A goblin might yield 30xp, while the one standing right next to it might yield 100xp. This is to simulate not learning the same amount from every slaughter – sometimes more is learned, sometimes barely anything at all.

Custom AI scripts have been crafted to make the creatures behave more intelligently, which provides a better challenge for players.

A fair and balanced economy has been produced by resolving some major exploits in Nordock.

Staff Edit

The server features an administrative staff dedicated to keeping the world fresh and interesting by constantly providing new systems and areas. The server is owned by Emperor Dunge. The Dungeon Master is Dungeonmaster Sarig.

Lala Land has Questmasters and Questmistresses (QMs) whose job it is to run roleplay quests for the players and make things more interesting. The QM begins the quest, but allows the players to shape the outcome based on their choices. Rewards for these quests are quest and roleplay tokens, as well as something do do that is not pure hack-and-slash.

For the PG player or those wanting a little casual fun, the QMs offer fun games like Dungeons of Doom(DoD), Defend the Fort, or Gladiator Matches.

The Questmasters (QMs) are Questmaster Night, Questmaster Tulkas, Questmaster Maximus, Questmaster Titan, and Questmaster Karma.

Connection information
Direct connect:
Server name: La La Land
Module name: n/a
Password required: no
Required hakpaks:
Player information
GameSpy category: Story
Primary game type(s): RP/PG
Treasure/magic level: Medium
Levels played: 1-40
Maximum players: 50
Vault type: server vault
Enforce legal characters: No
Item level restrictions: yes
Player vs. player: party PvP
Server information
Server admin/owner: Emporer Dunge
Server OS: Linux AMD4000+ HT (dedicated)
DM timezone(s): EU/US
Primary language: English
Web site:

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