Carea Island was a module based on an island named Cerea in a pen and paper roleplaying world that was first created in 1988 and has been the base of adventures since then. So there is quite a lot of background material. It has been heavily influenced by ICE's Shadow world. As the setting is not Forgotten Realms, the gods, races, and such are quite different.

The basic genre of the module is roleplay. Meaning a lot of roleplaying, but with a fair amount of action in between the long intrigues. The basic background of the place is a struggle of life vs. unlife, so those using negative energy and undead are quickly categorised as evil. Players should at least read the "Treatise on unlife" and the "Myaasia" books either in the Cerea wiki, or in the bookshop in the markets. Evil characters are not suitable for most of the quests.

The DMs will be online in the evenings (European Time) quite often to run quests, and on weekends also daytime.

There is a lot of world info in the Cerea wiki, the world events forum, and the books in the bookshops.

Questions, comments, etc. can be sent to either the forums or to weby(at) Please put Cerea as the first word in subject if sending email.

Direct connect address is:

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